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We scour the Unclaimed Property Database to uncover high dollar property that has gone unclaimed for years. – we Attempt to match the owners with the property based on location and last known address.

If any of the property listed belongs to you  Contact us 844-ginjosu or send us an e-mail @  Please provide your full name and valid phone number. We will get back to you within 3 business days. We have found many people with several thousand dollars sitting in the vault of the State Controller’s Office for years. !

We will handle all the paperwork to expedite the process for you. Investigators receive priority treatment. We will send you all the appropriate paperwork completed to the best of our ability with a self addressed envelope to the state. In approximately 4-6 months, you will receive your check from the State of California. You do not need to directly pay us. Our fee is taken directly from your account and issued to us by the state of California.

The individuals below have unclaimed property in the database. You can contact us directly with contact information regarding these individuals

Real Whtri $1,803,433.07

Where are the owners? Whtri Real Estate Limited Partnership – Newport BeachWhtri Real Estate Limited Partnership is a FLP (Foreign Limited Partnership) from Newport Beach in Colorado, United States. The company status is “Withdrawn”. Whtri Real Estate Limited Partnership has Colorado company registration number 19961151833 . It was created twenty-four years, two months and twelve […]

Heading layer

$1,510,513.60 6/19/2020 1 of 1 WANG LUBIN


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There is 9.3 billion dollars in unclaimed property sitting in the State of California’s vault waiting for the rightful owners to be found.  This eBook will outline a lucrative opportunity to become an Unclaimed Property Investigator for the State of California.  Not many people are aware that they can earn extra income by assisting the State of California with returning unclaimed property to the rightful owners?
Abandoned Warrants = $739,000

Contact Our Office 1-844-GINJOSU

Contact Our Office 1-844=GINJOSU

Adding up all the unclaimed property across the 50 states – There is over 53 Billion Dollars in Unclaimed Cash Being held by various government agencies. We are in the business of returning the unclaimed property back to the rightful owners. We perform in depth research to match the right person with their rightful property. In exchange we can receive 10% of the total of the claimed funds with a signed investigator agreement.

Abandoned Warrants = $824,000

Contact Our Office 1-844-GINJOSU

Contact Our Office 1-844-GINJOSU

“Unclaimed Property is a Billion Dollar Industry. The Largest Lost & Found Department in the World.”

With millions of people unemployed.. families are suffering, food lines are growing. It is unimaginable that there are individuals who have forgotten that thy have millions of dollars in a checking account. What is even more unbelievable is that when people die, their insurance policies are left gathering dust.

It is important that individuals sign the investigator agreement when you start helping them get their money back. The investigator agreement is your assurance that you will get paid as an unclaimed property investigator.

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